Activities Of the Organization

The organization is taking care of orphan and abandoned children of the society, providing them with food, clothing, shelter and education. Balagurukulam main mission is to up bring these less fortunate children of the society in a divine environment, inculcate good discipline and shape them into good citizens.

In the first year we started the activity in a lease hold premises of one ground with five children who were accommodated in a thatched shed of about 900 sq.ft. At the end of first year we had fifteen children.

In the second year, toilets and bathrooms were constructed.

In the third year we constructed on the first floor of the block, a dormitory of about 500 sq.ft ,.We plan residential block with girls dormitory, boys dormitory, dining, kitchen, vocational training room, computer room, assembly hall and yoga centre etc.

Presently we have accommodated about 50 children. We have babies who range from days old till ten months old kids. All these kids are picked from bins and they are under the tender loving care. Ranjith who is the founder of the organization. In the current academic year these children are sent to a good English Medium School with the objective to provide them with on par education with any other child in the society.

These children are taught yoga and meditation at the orphanage with a view to up bring them in a divine and disciplined environment. There are about six staffs to take care of these children besides the founder who devote most of their time and energy for growth and development of the organization and to achieve the objectives of the same.

Our mission is to take care of these children till they grow up and can stand on their own feet. We plan to up bring a minimum of 300 such less fortunate children during the life time. The founders main aim is to have 300 such type of pure orphans and bring them out with different talents, skills and mould their lifestyle in such a way that they could stand on their own feet.

Out of these 300 children the first 100 children should become top ranks in IAS/IPS and other civil services fields and create a real India which was being dreamt by our National Leaders and fore fathers. The next 100 children should shine in various fields like agriculture, engineering, medical, lawyers, arts, science and software technologies and do service to all the villages and serve the society.

Our Appeal

To achieve the above objectives we appeal to all kind hearted people around this globe to contribute their might for uplifting these less fortunate children and show them light to their future.

People can contribute by way of donations, rice, provisions, food, clothes, books and in other ways that they feel will help these young ones.

Our Objectives

We plan residential block with girls dormitory, boys dormitory, dining, kitchen, vocational training room, computer room, assembly hall and yoga centre etc.

We plan to construct a residential school to accommodate about 300 orphan children with all necessary facilities including playground, library, medical centre etc. we also impart to obtain government recognition to impart academic education up to standard twelve as well as vocational and job oriented education, so that these children can take suitable employment on completion of gurukulam life. Balagurukulam will support these children till they can stand on their own feet.

Our Services

Village Development Centers

A Nation can be measured only be the development of the villages, balagurukulam operates many tution center in remote village where even basic needs like road transport, proper water supply are lacking behind.

Tree Planting

In this day and age of global warming tree planting has become a requirements rather than an option. it is our duty to prevent global warming an safeguard out mother earth from greater devasatioon.

Women Development Program

Balagurukulam helps in developing women socially and economically. we visits many villages and empower women with all basic amenities to reise their standard. we help them by teaching them small scale industrial jobs and guiding them to get a permanents income

Family Counseling

There are no joint family systems being followed now-a-days, it is hard to find the character of adjustment within them. As both the spouses are working, misunderstanding forms a major part of their life. Hence even small problems in their life take them to the extent of committing suicide. Balagurukulam conducts many counselling sessions for those who suffer from family problems.

Medical camps

Unfortunately for the poor, health is the only wealth. Balagurukulam conducts medical camps for the poor & needy and protects their wealth with best team of doctors. they are also given free medicines for cure. Medical camps are of various kinds like general check-ups, eye camps, dental camps, siddha medical camp and nutritious food awareness camps. We are associated with Ramachandra hospital, M.N. Eye hospital, Rotary hospital and Ragas dental college.

relief support during chennai floods
Disaster Relief

We jump into rescue during any natural calamities to serve the people. During Chennai Floods and Vardah Cyclone our team stepped into rescue and relief operations. Food, clothing and other essentials are provided to the people who lost their belongings in the floods. Our team was desperately involved in clearing the uprooted trees and street lamps on the roads during cyclone hit in Chennai.

Kamarajar Food for Hunger plan

Today in our country, people who are blind, physically handicapped, sick and shelter-less have many problems. However, they have managed to survive those problems. The main reason for a man’s survival is food! The main reason for any living thing to move from one location to another is the food itself. So, our organization is going to freed them from their main struggle of hunger, and we are serving the food in the place of beneficiaries itself.

We urge you to join in this program and fulfill the hunger of hundreds of food-less people who are blind, physically handicapped, sick and shelter-less. Make your birthday, wedding day, anniversary and other special days more special by joining this program and feed the poor people.