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Nowadays, people lack proper diet as per the need for healthy life. This leads to obesity, eye problems, over stress, high blood pressure, sugar and so on. This departs them from living a normal human life. We teach Yoga and meditation to people of this kind and help them to come out from over stress in their life.


We support physically challenged people & old aged people by providing them provisions, clothing, medical checkup and bed-sheets. We’ve providing monthly provision for 40 physically challenged people regularly. Aid distribution camps for old aged people are also conducted.


We trust that Our Country can flourish only with Development and Protection of Agriculture and Farmers. We encourage farmers to adopt the organic systems and we give support and training for the farmers to increase production. The revival of the village is possible only when it is no more exploited.


Balagurukulam helps in developing women socially and economically. We visit many villages and empower women with all basic amenities to raise their standard. We help them by teaching them small scale industrial jobs and guiding them to get a permanent income. We train the uneducated women well in small scale jobs and help them in contributing well for both their families and the society.


Unfortunately for the poor, health is the only wealth. Balagurukulam conducts medical camps for the poor & needy and protects their wealth with best team of doctors. they are also given free medicines for cure. Medical camps are of various kinds like general check-ups, eye camps, dental camps. We are associated with Ramachandra hospital, M.N. Eye hospital, Rotary hospital and Ragas dental college.


There are no joint family systems being followed nowadays, it is hard to find the character of adjustment within them. As both the spouses are working, misunderstanding forms a major part of their life. Hence even small problems in their like take them to the extent of committing suicide. Balagurukulam conducts many counselling sessions for those who suffer from family problems. 

Children's Home

The organization is taking care of orphan and abandoned children of the society, providing them with food, clothing, shelter and education. Balagurukulam main mission is to up bring these less fortunate children of the society in a divine environment, inculcate good discipline and shape them into good citizens.

Our mission is to take care of these children till they grow up and can stand on their own feet. We plan to up bring a minimum of 300 such less fortunate children during the life time. The founders main aim is to have 300 such type of pure orphans and bring them out with different talents, skills and mold their lifestyle in such a way that they could stand on their own feet. Out of these 300 children the first 100 children should become top ranks in IAS/IPS and other civil services fields and create a real India which was being dreamt by our National Leaders and fore fathers. The next 100 children should shine in various fields like agriculture, engineering, medical, lawyers, arts, science and software technologies and do service to all the villages and serve the society. The next 100 should be spread world wide and their main goal will be to spread world peace. They will also act as a bridge by spreading the cultural and traditional customs with all the world countries. Those children will do service to all the international countries globally.

Tree Planting

In this day and age of global warming, tree planting has become a requirement rather than an option. It is our duty to prevent global warming and safeguard our mother earth from greater devastation.

Balagurukulam also takes part in this duty by planting several trees throughout the nation. We conduct tree planting and seed ball distribution camps at regular intervals.

Village development centers

A nation’s development can be measured only by the development of the villages. Balagurukulam operates many village tution centers and community development projects in remote villages where even basic needs like road transport, proper water supply are lacking behind.

By this, we take measures to avoid child labor and also inculcate the needs and values of education to the poor and deprived people. Nutritious snacks are given to the children during evening time. We also take special motivational classes, personality development classes, Yoga and meditation classes, subject seminars very often.

Kamarajar Food for Hunger Plan

If a man does not have food for survival, we will destroy the universe!!” saying by our Mahakavi Bharathiyar. Without trying to destroy this world, we will try to do what we can.

Today in our country, people who are blind, physically handicapped, sick and shelter-less have many problems. However, they have managed to survive those problems. The main reason for a man’s survival is food! The main reason for any living thing to move from one location to another is the food itself. So, our organization is going to freed them from their main struggle of hunger, and we are serving the food in the place of beneficiaries itself.

We urge you to join in this program and fulfill the hunger of hundreds of food-less people who are blind, physically handicapped, sick and shelter-less. Make your birthday, wedding day, anniversary and other special days more special by joining this program and feed the poor people. Join us in the struggle against poverty! To become a champion for the poor, to feed 200 people.

River Interlinking Program

Biological health of India also tunes with the well-known character of India “unity in diversity”. Some states are blessed with flooded rivers and others like Tamil Nadu where most of rivers running dry for the rest of the year. In this scenario, it is imperative that all the rivers of India should be linked together for efficient management of this essential resource; then only this country which is having the second largest population in the world can feed its citizens comfortably. Note that this concept is not new to this land, Sir Arthur Cotton, Sir C Ramasamy Iyer and many political leaders talked about this. Later, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir made notable Independence day speech about interlinking of rivers. 

Let us root-out poverty from the face of this country once for all. Let the country unite for this laudable objective of Linking of Rivers of India. We have been struggling to achieve this goal for the last 18 years, we have conducted many conferences and seminars, undertaken many padha-yatras!

Please extend your whole hearted support to this nation building exercise.

Disaster Relief

Year 2015 1st week of December, Chennai – India’s fourth-largest city, flooding from record rainfall, the heaviest in more than a hundred years has cut off more than 3 million people from basic services for days. During Chennai Floods and Vardah Cyclone our team stepped into rescue and relief operations. Food, clothing and other essentials are provided to the people who lost their belongings in the floods.

Our team was desperately involved in clearing the uprooted trees and street lamps on the roads during cyclone hit in Chennai. We were able to reach and help 1 lakh people during that flood scenario. This ad-hoc execution team planned to continue their service as an aftermath act of flood, many people showed their interest and joined their hands by supporting financially, providing raw material and information passing. After flood, they organized many medical camps, psychological camps for rehabilitation. This massive force definitely made change on many lives.