Villages of a lesser gold

Balagurukulam works with impoverished villages, helping them pave the way to a brighter future. Balagurukulam facilitates various economic development programs, meetings, seminars and awareness camps to improve the lifestyle of villagers.

With women being the epicenter of attention, Balagurukulam trains village women in making handmade paper bags, screen printing and cattle rearing etc.

Plans are made to open evening tuition centres for the children in around sixty villages and a separate teacher shall also be appointed to take care of their education.

All these children will be imparted with other extra curricular and spiritual activities as part of their curriculum.

Support through health programs

Balagurukulam’s programs for villages extend beyond just awareness programs. Numerous medical camps are being organized in villages to help the poor and downtrodden alleviate their pain and suffering. Medicines, hearing aids, tricycles for the disabled and spectacles for those with sight impairments have been issued to the poor in several villages.

This apart, blood donation campaigns and awareness on eye donation is also being carried out in various parts of urban, rural and slum areas.