One Man Vission

The origins of Balagurukulam lie in the story of its founder and managing trustee, Ranjith. As an eleven-year-old boy Ranjith developed a strong awareness and compassion for the poor, needy and deprived. Ranjith was constantly touched by the devastation caused by numerous droughts, floods and cyclones that destroyed many villages and even washed away a bus carrying many women and children. It was these experiences that led Ranjith to commit himself to the service of the poor especially women and children under his care.

They were provided with food, shelter and education. Today, through the sacrifices made by Ranjith for the good of society, more and more children are being given the opportunity to shape their own bright future. Ranjith ultimately plans to provide shelter to nearly 300 children under the wings of Balagurukulam.

Situated in sylvan surroundings on the outskirts of chennai in south India, Balagurukulam children’s Village is a non-profit, non-religious, non-governmental welfare organization. Balagurukulam was started with the primary aim of providing abandoned and deprived children with adequate shelter, food, medical facilities, and education.

With the hope that one-day these children will be able to stand on their own feet, making them independent, responsible and respectable citizens of the country. It presently houses 40 children, with every child getting a mother, brothers and sisters to look after them. That’s not all! Balagurukulam’s children also undergo yoga, meditation and regular health check-ups to keep them fit, strong and healthy.